Happy Halloween Pineapple Carving

Pineapple Lantern
This Halloween, carving a pineapple is a great alternative to a pumpkin. It will add a festive twist to the year’s spookiest tradition. This seasonally nostalgic activity is something I tend to plan a few days in advance when pumpkin season arrives. This is so I can visualize it’s face prior to the day I decide to cut into it. If you happen to live in a locale where pumpkins are not abundant or even available on your favorite island, you’re going to need an alternative to pumpkin carving.

How about using a pineapple? Just lop off the crown, hollow out the core and the fleshy bits (save these for eating or your favorite cocktail!), and carve out a face in the same tradition as you would a jack-o’-lantern. Be as creative as you wish. Finally, safely secure a candle or small flashlight inside your tropically festive will-o’-the-wisp. Cover the crown back on top and place your scary berry somewhere predominantly front and center to light up everyone’s face on this spooky, Halloween night.