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The Best Mojito Recipe North of Cuba
By Brad Beach

The Mojito

Here is a mojito recipe I've perfected over the past few years that represents what I believe to be the perfect mojito. I watched a few videos, tested a few recipes, read the do's and dont's, and threw together the best of every world using only the classic ingredients that make up an authentic mojito... Hint: The mojito should only be made with fresh ingredients and an extra dose of love.

2 tsp. granulated white sugar
1/2 oz fresh squeezed lime juice
12-14 fresh mint leaves (2 sprigs)
3 oz Sparkling mineral water
2 oz Havana Club white rum
4-5 Ice cubes

Into a tall, chilled, cylindrical glass, place the sugar, lime juice, mint and the sparkling mineral water. Gently press ingredients with a muddler until the sugar dissolves into the lime and you start to smell the mint. Add rum and then the ice cubes. Stir until glass is cold and frosty. Serve with a straw. Cigars optional.