Legends of Māui

In light of the up and coming new Disney animation, "Moana", Maui is depicted as a strong and powerful, fun-loving character created to appeal to the Disney demographic. "For centuries, the greatest sailors in the world masterfully navigated the vast Pacific, discovering the many islands of Oceania. Read more

Shoreline Country Music


Lazy days on the beach always require a good mix of music, and country music stars are happy to oblige. Some of the best beach musical compositions are written by country music legends and relative newcomers, but all promote fun in the sun and surf.  Read more

Brad Beach Co. Resort Lifestyle Fashion

Brad Beach - A State of Mind

Looking back into my seemingly endless to-do list, it appears that I have a surplus of dreams and aspirations to fulfill in my life. One of these dreams is to release quality resort wear with a fine, modern look of under the name, "Brad Beach Co". Read more

Happy Halloween Pineapple Carving

Pineapple Lantern

This Halloween, carving a pineapple is a great alternative to a pumpkin. It will add a festive twist to the year's spookiest tradition. This seasonally nostalgic activity is something I tend to plan a few days in advance when pumpkin season arrives. Read more

Capture The Dream


The aspiration for complete freedom opens the window to dreams and to the pursuit of those dreams. Perseverance and strength can transform those dreams into reality. Capturing a dream is like living moments of absolute perfection where time appears to stand still. Read more