Beach Outpost

Beach Outpost

Welcome to a whole new world of fun. Welcome to Beach Outpost

Brad BeachBeach Outpost is a passion project, established in July 2008. Brad Beach founded Beach Outpost during his honeymoon on a quiet, deserted beach just a few degrees northwest of the Tropic of Cancer Beach in The Exumas, The Bahamas.

Brad and his wife, Lorena were swimming quietly along the shores of a beautifuly desolate beach filled with baby powder-white sand. The shallow Bahamian water appeared to glow a thousand incandescent shades of turquoise where the sounds of waves gently lapped at their bodies. Lorena exclaimed, "There are two important things in my life," she pointed at her new life partner, "Brad," and then she pointed at the beach and exclaimed, "Beach… Brad Beach."

Beach Outpost is a state of mind. Step into tropical luxury. A place to dream and embrace the tranquil seaside landscapes from near and afar. An outpost within the mind's eye that peers into a world of peace and solitude. A place of gathering. A place to visit, talk stories of news, experiences and share delicious food and drink with new friends and loved ones.

Beach Outpost is a place of paradise, with a touch of magic— where everyone can enjoy amazing adventures, both together and on their own. Beach Outpost is an imaginative private island and luxury playground in a wonderland of white sand beaches, turquoise lagoons, and breathtaking reefs.

Beach Outpost is a tropical escapade within your very own pristine coast, a playground for local socialites and a sanctuary for global jetsetters.

Beach Outpost

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